How much does it cost?
The rooms are $8/person per hour and open mic is $5/person.
How long can we stay in open mic?
Open mic opens up at 6PM on Friday and Saturday. Come when you want and stay till close (1AM)!
Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes, we will cry, but you can cancel. We charge a cancellation fee of 50% if you do not cancel within 4 hours.
What’s the wifi password?
Because our whole system runs on the wifi, we don’t have a guest wifi. Sorry.
Are there discounts?
We have lots of discounts available. The best way to stay posted on them is to follow us on social media (instagram/snapchat).
What songs do you have?
We have over 40,000 songs to choose from. They are mostly English with some Spanish, Portuguese, and French.
Do you have Asian/Russian songs?
We have two karaoke apps that we use. Let us know ahead of time and we can set you up on the appropriate app.
Do you serve alcohol / do you have age restrictions?
We do not serve any type of alcohol. We also do not have any age restrictions. Karaoke is great for all ages, and the private rooms are perfect for families!
How long are reservations for?
Reservations are a minimum of 1-hour and can be up to 3 hours.
How many people fit in the room?
The rooms hold 10-12 people. However, we can combine rooms to accommodate even larger groups.
How does pricing work?
We charge an entrance fee, even if you don’t sing. It’s $8/person/hour for the private rooms, $5 for open-mic (Friday & Saturday).
Do I have to have a reservation?
Reservations are recommended to secure the time you want. We do take walk-ins, if we have rooms available. If you’re wanting to come on the weekend, we highly recommend reserving ahead of time. You can do so by calling or on our website.
How many people do I need for a reservation?
We don’t hold reservations for groups of less than 6. However, if you don’t have that many, you can still walk in and get the next available room. Want to know if we’re busy before you come, give us a call!
What time are you open?
Monday - Thursday we open at 7PM and close at 11PM Friday - Saturday we open at 6PM and close at 1AM
Family friendly?
Karaoke is great for all ages, and the private rooms are perfect for families! We have lots of Disney and family friendly songs. We also serve fun snacks and drinks.
What's free?
The sidewalk.
What type of food?
We have mostly snacks and sugar stuff: popcorn, chips and salsa, fresh baked cookies, and all the mixed soda flavors you could want
What does private room karaoke mean?
Do you sing in the shower, or in the car? Then private room karaoke is for you! You get your own room for just you or your group of friends to sing along to the songs of your choice! It’s like your own private performance with party lights, props, microphones and more!
Can we reserve more than one room at a time?
You can reserve as many rooms as you would like. Each reservation requires at least 6 people. We also charge a 50% cancellation fee if you do not cancel at least 4 hours prior.
Are we allowed to decorate for bday/bachelorette parties?
No, you cannot decorate. Unless you book the whole space. You can bring balloons.
Is outside food/drinks allowed?
If you have a private room, you can bring outside food. However, we do not allow outside drinks. You cannot bring outside food or drinks in the open-mic area.
If we just want to watch, do we still have to pay?
It’s like going to the movie, you get to watch, which is half the fun! These are the entrance prices.
Are there group rates?
Generally, we just charge a per person entrance of $8/person/hour for the private rooms. However, you can rent out the entire space for large parties or events and at fixed price depending on the day and time. Group pricing starts at 30 people.
When does our time start?
Your time starts once we start your karaoke in the room.
What is open-mic?
Open mic karaoke is in our large open area. We have a stage that people go up in turn to sing. It’s like traditional American stage-style karaoke.
Is Friday considered weekday or weekend?
Weekend, so weekend pricing and weekend hours.